Building communities takes more than just good ideas and volunteers. It takes financial generosity as well. To further our efforts to catalyze community building, we’ve launched the Elysian Living Foundation. This unique platform provides each Elysian resident a powerful opportunity for social action. This is how it works:

  • 50% of every donation will be directed to a non-profit partner.
  • 50% of every donation will be directed by our residents themselves.

Every individual who donates will be permitted to nominate a qualifying organization for the residents to consider. Then at the end of the year, any individual who donated will be permitted to sign back on to the website, and vote on which organization they think should receive the balance of the funds.

In other words, each resident has the ability to make a small donation, say $10 per month, nominate a cause they find meaningful, leverage the power of many neighbors, and potentially direct a huge donation towards a cause he or she values. One person can make a large impact.

The Elysian Living Foundation is proud to have Three Square food bank as our 2018 non-profit partner. Click here to join!