When you’re looking for a new place to live with your family, there are certain neighborhood features that should be an important factor in your decision making. In our conversations with new residents, we found that schools are one of the top considerations. So, we did some research and discovered the best schools in Las Vegas in the Clark County School District broken down by elementary, middle, and high schools.

Clark County Elementary Schools

The early years of education are what help shape young minds to absorb what’s to come. These three schools top our list on the best elementary schools in Las Vegas.

  1. Walter Bracken Elementary School – 1200 N 27th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  2. Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary School – 2333 Canyon Retreat Dr, Henderson, NV 89052
  3. Glen C. Taylor Elementary School – 2655 Siena Heights Dr. Henderson, NV 89052

Clark County Middle Schools

The beginning of a child’s formative years start in middle school, where they learn the challenges of young adulthood while maintaining an innocence preserved in a well-rounded middle school. Here are a few of the best middle schools in Las Vegas.

  1. Sig Rogich Middle School – 235 Pavilion Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144
  2. Hyde Park Middle School – 900 Hinson St, Las Vegas, NV 89107
  3. Lois and Jerry Tarkanian Middle School – 5800 W Pyle Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89141

Clark County High Schools

  1. West Career and Technical Academy – 11945 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135
  2. Veterans Tribute Career Technical Academy – 2531 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89106
  3. Southwest Career and Technical Academy – 7050 W Shelbourne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89113

All of the schools above achieved excellent ratings most of which ranking in the top 20 schools in all of Nevada in their respective grade ranges. Trust us, we wouldn’t steer you wrong. Feel free to drop us any questions or comments below or on Twitter at @ElysianDistrict. Thanks for reading!