New Year, Better You!

With the start of a new decade, comes new goals and the best place to start is with yourself! Carving out time to take care of your body, mind, and soul every day is the best way to ensure you are ready to meet whatever challenge the year throws at you. Our Elysian VIP partners around the city will help you get ready for a whole new year with a new and improved version of yourself!! Check out the Elysian Living app to take full advantage of all the exclusive Elysian member offers from our partners below!

Join Us for Self-Care Sunday at Elysian At The District!

Join Us for Self-Care Sunday at Elysian At The District!

Join us on Sunday, January 19  from 12-2 p.m. for

Selfcare Sunday

Whether it’s setting aside an hour for yourself to get a workout in with our partner Athleta, enjoying protein cookies from ProteinHouse, enjoying complimentary dry-styling by Drybar, sampling services from Humble Bee Beauty Studio or just mingling with neighbors, our self-care Sunday is for you! We can’t wait to kick off the new year with you!

*This event is open to the the public and Elysian Living residents on all properties

Please RSVP via the Elysian Living app or

Retail Therapy_ Yes Please!!

Retail Therapy? Yes Please!!

New Year, new outfit!! Visit Athleta at The District or Rampart Commons to see their new arrivals for the season. Feel good and look good with a new outfit from yoga pants, streetwear, accessories to sport bras, Athleta has everything you need. Take advantage of their clearance with accessories up to 60% percent off. Sounds like a steal and a good reason to go do some retail therapy. After all, the more you buy, the more you save…because #FiscallyResponsible

Working On Your fitness_

Working On Your Fitness?

Empower your body and mind with Barre3 Henderson and their $99 January challenge, new client special. Put on your favorite work-out ensemble and get ready to get your barre kicked.

Touch The Body, Calm The Mind And Heal The Spirit!

Touch The Body, Calm The Mind And Heal The Spirit!

Make a New Year’s resolution to put yourself first and treat yourself to a relaxing massage at Elements massage. A massage is not only a nice treat but can also make an impact on your health and wellness! Massages have been known to reduce stress, improve circulation through increased blood flow, reduce pain caused chronic stiffness, improve sleep and flexibility and so much more. Because, sometimes, a massage is all you knead   ?

Great Hair Is Self-Care!

In need of a blowout? The new drybar in Henderson is your spot!! Drybar’s philosophy is simple, focus on one thing and be the best at it! For them, it’s blowouts! Because we all know, when we said dry January, we meant Drybar! Get 2 blowouts thru Feb and your 3rd is 50% off at their new location in henderson and take advantage of your exclusive, resident offer at all the other locations in the valley!

New Year, Better You!

New Year, Better Menu!

Our partner Hearthstone has done a little self-care themselves. If you are looking for new menu options made with some of the highest quality ingredients that level up to your new and improved expectations, Hearthstone’s new menu is for you. Treat yourself to dinner and let Hearthstone do the cooking!

Sometimes Self-Care Means A Glass Of Wine

Sometimes Self-Care Means A Glass Of Wine…Or Five.

Grab your friends and join Bottiglia for bottomless house wine for $20 from Sunday-Thursday. Although overindulging may not exactly be self-care, taking time out of your busy schedule to catch up with friends and share a few glasses of wine definitely can be! Studies have shown that social support is associated with better mental and physical health, pair your best buds with loads of antioxidants and tons of health benefits from wine and you have the perfect self-care combo.

Infrared Saunas, Broad Spectrum Self-Care!

Infrared Saunas, Broad Spectrum Self-Care!

Visit our partner Drop Sauna Studio and (literally) take self-care to the next level. You may have heard of infrared saunas and thought “ But why tho?”. Not only are infrared saunas so safe that they regularly use them to keep newborn babies warm but doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists use infrared every day in clinics and hospitals around the world to help with pain, heal skin conditions, increase flexibility and generally help heal the body. Far, middle and near-infrared wavelengths are all part of the broad infrared healing wavelength spectrum that also help with detoxification, stress and fatigue and diabetes support among so many other things. If this isn’t self-care of the future, we don’t know what is!!

Meal Prep in 2020.

Meal Prep in 2020.

Everyone has heard the saying “You are what you eat.” but who has time to cook everyday!!? Let our partner 702 Prep help with some of the cooking to help you be your best self! Choose from over 30 different options weekly. 702 Prep’s meals are always fresh, never frozen and ready in minutes. Take care of yourself from the inside out.

Get In On The Veganuary Action

Get In On The Veganuary Action With Our Partner, Makers and Finders!

Did you know that there is such a thing as a “giver’s glow”? Studies show that giving time and money not only helps the beneficiary but also has physical and emotional benefits for the giver. If you’ve been curious about plant based living and and have committed to giving back to the community, Veganuary is for you!

Veganuary is the world’s largest vegan movement, inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. Their mission is to inspire and support people to try vegan, drive corporate change, and create a global mass movement championing compassionate food choices to end animal farming, protect the planet and improve human health. Join participating restaurants, in the valley, all month as they offer special vegan dishes. A portion of the proceeds from every dish ordered from Veganuary menus benefit the local organization, A Home 4 Spot and the international Veganuary organization. Join the movement while you give a little and take a little.